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The following information for post-operative care is given to aid your child after he/she has had dental services. The checked boxes are the instructions that apply to the procedures that were performed today.

If you have any questions or concerns please call The Dental Ranch at 214-769-5289


  • Sealants are placed on the teeth without the use of local anesthesia; however, your child may feel that his/her teeth do not fit together properly for a few hours.
  • Crunching ice should be avoided because it may dislodge the sealant.

Dental procedures requiring local anesthesia

  • Local anesthesia was used to complete your child's dental treatment today. Lips and tongue may be affected.
  • Because your child may not be able to control his/her lip/tongue, he/she shouldn't chew while the area is numb. Your child can drink or eat soft foods (milkshake, ice cream, warm soup, Jell-O, etc.) Before the anesthesia has worn off. This usually takes 3-4 hours.
  • Children tend to bite the affected lip or tongue, watch your child and stop this behavior to prevent a painful bite.

Stainless Steal Crowns

  • Your child's tooth has been covered with a stainless steal crown. This crown is shaped to fit the tooth and cover it completely, strengthening the tooth.
  • Because the crown fits just below the gum line, your child may experience tenderness around the crown for a day or so. Children's Tylenol is helpful in relieving this temporary discomfort.
  • Your child should keep the area along the gum line clean. He/she may need help with brushing for 2-3 days. The crown should be brushed and flossed just as the rest of the teeth.
  • Your child should avoid sticky, chewy candy (Jolly Ranchers, Now or Later's, Starbursts, etc.); because they may pull the stainless steel crown off.


  • It is important to permit a strong clot to form at the site of the extraction. For this reason carbonated beverages (Coca Cola, etc.) should be avoided for 24 hours.
  • To prevent dislodging the clot, do not drink through a straw and do not rinse or use mouth wash for at least 24 hours. If spitting is necessary, it should not be done forcefully. You should avoid brushing in the area for the remainder of the day.
  • We will keep your child in the clinic until the bleeding has stopped. If it starts again after he/she leaves the clinic, gentle biting on gauze should stop the bleeding. We are sending some gauze with you in case you need it.
  • Your child should only have soft foods for today. Some examples are yogurt, ice cream or Popsicle.

Swelling and Pain

  • Mild swelling and discomfort are normal occurrences following tissue trauma associated with some extractions and some fillings.
  • Any significant swelling or moderate to sever pain needs attention in the clinic so it can be properly treated.

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